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Large Number of Leads Sourced Including:


  • Market Appraisals
  • Buyers and Sellers
  • Property Management
  • Custom Projects


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Are you a Real Estate Agent for Buyers and Sellers or lookingLeasing?


Would you like to see a massive increase in the numbers of Market Appraisals?


Do you have a Property Management Team?


Are you interested in growing the Property Management Department?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place.


Quick Overview to Our Statistics Since 2014:


  • 140,000 Connects to people of all backgrounds
  • 8,500 Market Appraisals Organised
  • 4,300 Buyers Located
  • 1,000 Property Management Leads Sourced


Your Question Could be:


Why should we hire you? My staff already make Sales and Listing Calls...


Sales Staff do have have the time to be making Marketing Calls all day long.


My service makes in excess of 100 calls in only a 7 hour period.


Handwritten "Lead Sheets" are written out, and the CRM is also updated.


Telephone Markeing is a specialised work. It might sound easy.


Control Resources and Save Time is the key.


Hire a Professional who works with your Sales Team and not in competition.


NSW Wide Coverage


We have a specialised arrangement for the 'Phone Number.'


Personalised Calls from your Office Number can be arranged in 5 minutes.


Call me to discuss that arrangement.


My location is in the Bathurst Region of NSW, but you can be anywhere in NSW.


Calls will originate from your office, and calls will appear to be from a member of your staff.


Is it possible to "try out the service?"


Yes. There is no long term contract. It works from week to week.


Generally most Agents hire one day per week, sometimes two days a week.


It depends on the bookings and days being worked. (there is only one of me!)


Most Agents do not want to 'let me go' due to the success of the calls.


Normally when 'the numbers run out' I have to work elswhere.


You can book me in advance and when I am free, I can get back to you.


Rates and Charges


The rate is very reasonable, and it is charged hourly, and includes the GST.


All calls are included in the hourly rate to all Australian Landlines and Mobiles.


Phone Number duplication (your number) is also included.


It is a brilliant service. All of my clients have had no issue with the rate.


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.


Fully Licensed Real Estate Agent


Renato Ditomo


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The Story Behind  

My Success


My background was in Website Design (and still is). I commenced about 10-15 years ago constructing Websites for locals.


I phone called small business operators in my area. If they did Not have a website, I would introduce myself to them as a local.


After making an appointment (using a unique style) I would visit my prospect. They would sign the contract and go ahead.


My role was to construct the website according to their needs.


Over the years, this work reduced and small business operators organised websites for themselves. I decided to diversify.


I commenced telephone marketing for my existing clients. I would use the telephone to promote their existing website. In addition, I also promoted websites for small business operators, even if they already had a website. (built by someone else) This kind of work increased and I gained more experience.


A trucking company advertised for a Phone Marketer. They knew me from the past, and they hired me to use the phone and talk to large Corporate Companies to sell "Taxi Truck Accounts." In the first 3 days, I generated 75 companies that wanted to talk face to face with the Sale Staff. They were stunned and had a problem getting around to servicing all of the leads! Shortly thereafter, I started making the calls for the three states: NSW and VIC and QLD.


An opportunity arose in Real Estate. Of course Real Estate is very different in nature.


In four months I generated:

322 Market Appraisals

422 Buyers


5 Additional Women were hired by that Agent. I trained all of them how to make marketing calls. They were successful.


From the first day, I kept my own "stats" so that I would have a reliable history of my work for the future.


I have been going from one agent to the next, for 6 years...


A stunning record ever since 2014, and many happy Agents.


Brilliant References have been written about me, all on file.


The rest is history...


Renato Ditomo


Market Appraisals




Property Management



Gall the Lead Generator

Renato Ditomo




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Located in the Bathurst Region of NSW

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